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Motorcycle Season Is Here; Beware of Biking Accidents

In New York, only the most dedicated of motorcycle enthusiasts keep their bikes out during the frigid winter and early spring months. Now that things are green again and spring is fully underway, however, motorcycles are starting to appear on the roads again.

Getting your bike out of storage can be like a rite of passage for the approach of summer. However, it also represents a time when your potential for serious injury increases. Even with proper safety gear and careful driving, you can still be seriously injured by someone in a larger motor vehicle who isn’t being careful.

Many times, earlier season riders may be at increased risk. As spring fades into summer, drivers are more aware of the fact that they are sharing the roads with bikers. Sadly, it only takes one person not adequately looking before turning or merging to send you and your bike straight onto the asphalt.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by other drivers

When you get on your bike, you know that you’re taking your life into your hands. You probably take great care to ensure your gear, including your helmet, is in good condition. You also likely work on your bike to ensure it’s in top condition or take it to a small engine mechanic that you trust implicitly.

Even if you do everything right, however, another driver’s distraction or intoxication can quickly change your life. From the expense of repairing and replacing your motorcycle and safety gear to medical expenses and lost wages, that mistake can end up costing you quite dearly.

You shouldn’t have to worry about paying your mortgage or rent because you can’t work. You also shouldn’t have to empty your savings account to cover all of the medical expenses a motorcycle-car crash can incur. The person who caused the accident, by negligence, intoxication or distraction should be held accountable. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney is the best way to ensure you can recover your losses after a motorcycle accident. In 2014, eighty-five percent of reported motorcycle crashes involved a serious injury. If it happens to you, you need legal help.

An attorney will fight for you after an accident

Sometimes, the other driver has good insurance. Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently offer ridiculously low initial settlements after an accident. You should never accept a settlement or sign anything from an insurance company without having your attorney review it. A qualified lawyer will protect your best interests and financial future after an accident. He or she can negotiate for a better settlement offer or even file a civil suit to hold the driver or any other responsible party accountable for the damages that you incurred.