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Proudly Serving Injured Clients Throughout New York


  • $11 Million Slip & Fall

    A well-known cellist was awarded almost $11 million after a slip and fall in a gourmet food market that resulted in injuries that now hamper her ability to play the instrument.

  • $2.8 Million Pedestrian Knockdown

    The client was a pedestrian crossing the street when she was hit by a yellow school bus making a left-hand turn. As a result of the impact, she was forced to fall to the ground and sustained an injury to her shoulder and lower back, both of which resulted in surgeries.

  • $2.5 Million Construction Accident

    We were able to win a jury verdict of $2,500,000 after a pretrial offer of $150,000 for our client who sustained injuries from a construction accident.

  • $2.1 Million Bus Accident

    A mediated settlement was reached on the eve of trial on behalf of the client who was a driver of a motor vehicle which was struck in the rear by a bus.

  • $2 Million Pedestrian Accident

    The client, a young boy, was crossing the street near his home on Staten Island when he slipped on ice in the roadway and was hit by a car.

  • $1.7 Million Car Accident

    The client was an ambulance driver responding to an emergency call. While in the process of making a left-hand turn with the ambulance lights and sirens in operation, he was struck by a vehicle going straight.

  • $14.4 MILLION Slip and Fall

    The client was injured when he slipped and fell on water on an underground subway platform and his leg got wedged between the train and the platform. His left leg was badly fractured and he required 11 surgeries and will require more in the future. He has been lucky to avoid amputation so far but it is a possibility in the future. After a hard fought, three and a half week long trial the jury found the Transit Authority 100 percent at fault and returned a verdict for $14.4 million. Prior to trial the highest settlement offer was $750,000

  • $2.7 MILLION Slip and Fall

    Our client slipped and fell on a wet floor in her apartment building and fell down a flight of stairs. Our office aggressively litigated the case and obtained a Court Order after motion practice which found the defendant 100% at fault – this is very rare in slip and fall cases. Before litigation we rejected a settlement offer of $30,000 and made a settlement demand of the full amount of insurance - $3 million. After obtaining the Order deciding fault the insurance company settled this case for 90 times the initial settlement offer - $2,700,000.

  • $2.6 MILLION Struck by a Bag of Cement

    The client was working in construction when he was struck by a bag of cement that was thrown from the level above. As a result of the accident he injured his ankle, with screws which had been inserted from a prior soccer injury breaking inside his ankle. He also injured his back and underwent spine surgery. The jury found the general contractor 100% at fault and returned a verdict of $2.6 million despite being shown videos and photographs from the client’s Facebook page which showed him working, walking without a limp and dancing.

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