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Ceiling Collapses Are Often Due to Failure to Maintain a Property


When you rent an apartment or visit a business, you expect the building and individual units within it to be in reasonable repair. After all, the owner and property manager of the building are legally responsible to maintain safe premises.

Sadly, many property owners, property managers and landlords will do whatever they can to reduce the costs of keeping up their properties. Sometimes, failing to do basic maintenance, like fixing leaks in the roof, can result in catastrophic accidents, such as a ceiling collapse. When this happens, people who weren’t responsible for maintenance can become injured.

Property damage, loss of housing and serious injuries, even death can happen when a ceiling collapses. Tenants or visitors may have repeatedly warned management about the presence of a leak or discoloration on the ceiling, only to have their concerns ignored.

If you or someone you loved suffered injuries, property damage or displacement as a result of a ceiling collapse, you should speak with an experienced New York personal injury attorney as soon as possible. This legal professional will review the details of the situation and help you determine what options are legally available.

Property owners incur premises liability when they don’t maintain things

Premises liability is one of the biggest issues facing real estate investors and property management companies. These businesses want to make a profit from the renting or sale of properties they own without needing to make substantial investments in the upkeep or repair of the facilities. When the failure to perform proper maintenance and repairs results in a serious issue, like a ceiling collapse, the damages are often covered by business insurance that offers coverage for premises liability. This insurance covers anyone who suffers losses while on a property, from falls to falling ice chunks.

Many times, insurance companies and property managers will try to force liability off onto other parties. Other times, they may quickly offer an inappropriately small settlement amount in hopes of eschewing future financial responsibility. The best way to protect yourself and your financial interests after a ceiling collapse is to speak with an experienced New York personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You need to ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of or mistreated after suffering a serious issue like a ceiling collapse in your rental apartment.

Protection after a ceiling collapse

In addition to reviewing any offered settlement to ensure it is fair, your attorney can also advocate and negotiate on your behalf for a better second offer. Failing that, your attorney can also file a civil lawsuit to help you recover losses, such as the expense involved in moving and obtaining temporary housing, medical costs for injuries, property damages and lost wages that result from the accident.