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New York City Crane Drops Air Conditioning Unit, 10 Injured

8 pedestrians and 2 construction workers were injured when a cable snapped in a crane in Manhattan, causing an industrial air conditioning unit to drop nearly 30 stories to the sidewalk below.  The pedestrians were hurt by the debris, and life-threatening injuries were avoided, likely due to the fact that the crane failure occurred on a Sunday morning.  Often when a crane fails, the entire crane collapses, causing devasting injuries and damage to the nearby buildings.  Construction workers and passerby are both at risk when a crane fails or collapses.

The Paris Law Group, PC remains committed to worksite safety.  We have represented dozens of people injured on construction sites or due to failures in construction and safety equipment – construction workers and innocent passerby – and have recovered millions of dollars for those injured through worksite safety failures.  

Founding partner Jason Paris has been quoted to say that “New York State has the strongest construction safety laws in the country, and we are hopeful that the threat of litigation from established firms such as ours helps to actually prevent accidents from happening, as general contractors will do a better job of keeping construction sites safer for passerby and workers.”

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