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Manhattan Crane Accident Injures 10

Ten people were injured recently on Madison Avenue in Manhattan when a crane lost its payload around 10:45 a.m. on a Sunday.

The accident occurred at a 28-story high-rise near Grand Central Terminal. The crane operator was attempting to hoist an enormous air-conditioning unit to the roof of the building when the unit broke free and crashed down to the street. During its free-fall, it sheared off portions of the facade on the building’s lower floors.

Two of those injured were construction workers. The others were either Madison Avenue pedestrians or drivers and passengers below in vehicles. Their injuries resulted from the debris that rained down. None were considered serious. All of the injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Mayor De Blasio spoke to reporters after the accident, stating that it was “a very serious incident.” He added that he was thankful the crane accident happened when it did, on a Sunday, and not during rush hour on a weekday.

According to the Buildings Department Commissioner, it is common for work involving heavy equipment like cranes to be done over a weekend when fewer people are out on the streets. He also stated that it appeared that the permits were in place and that no one had lodged any formal complaints regarding the crane. Authorities launched an immediate investigation, closing surrounding streets in Manhattan.

Being struck by falling debris in a construction accident can easily be fatal. Even if no workers or passers-by are killed, the injuries can be serious and life-changing. Not only that, but the medical bills for treatment and rehabilitative services after a serious injury like that can be quite costly. Filing a claim for personal injuries may be necessary in order to recoup losses.

Source: WPVI-TV, “Material being lifted by crane in NYC falls; 10 injured,” Verena Dobnik, June 01, 2015