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Third-Party Claims vs. Workers’ Comp After a Construction Accident

man wearing a hard hat and reflective vest looking at a backhoe machine

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous. Workers are often in danger because of the very nature of the job. They work with heavy machinery and tools and often find themselves working on high scaffolding. Whenever an accident occurs, and workers suffer injuries, the legal options available to you vary.

You may pursue compensation through workers’ compensation or a third-party claim, but it depends on the situation. Below, we will explain how these two situations differ.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims may be available for workers who suffer injuries on the job. Workers’ comp insurance is the coverage almost all employers must have to protect their workers following an on-the-job accident.

Workers’ compensation claims can cover benefits associated with your work injury, including medical expenses, travel expenses getting to and from the hospital, lost wages, and more. You can work with a lawyer to file your claim with your employer and the insurance company.

Third-Party Lawsuits

While work injuries often fall under the scope of workers’ compensation, some situations may allow you to pursue a third-party lawsuit for your damages. For instance, you can file a claim against a machine manufacturer if a defect causes you to suffer injuries.

Third-party claims often involve premises liability in which the construction worker suffers injuries on someone else’s property. Navigating these claims can be complex, but it helps to have a lawyer on your side to determine which legal avenue is right for you.

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