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Mondays Really Are the Worst Day to Go to Work

You’ve never liked having to wake up early on a Monday morning, whether you were in school or the workforce. You consider it the worst day to go to work, and you always feel like you’re dragging a bit after the weekend.

Well, studies have found another reason that you’re right. Mondays actually are the worst day to work because they’re the day you’re most likely to suffer a workplace injury.

Researchers discovered this when looking at injury statistics from 2013. That year, Mondays led to 167,000 injuries. No other day surpassed that total. Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday all clustered right around or below 160,000 injuries. Friday, likely already your favorite day at work, was also the safest by a long shot. There were around 140,000 injuries.

When researchers looked back at past data to see if there was a trend, they found that Mondays led to the most injuries in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012. Even in 2009 and 2011, when they didn’t lead the way, Mondays only fell to a slim second. In both cases, they were edged out by Tuesdays.

That could just mean there were fewer working Mondays in those years. For instance, a lot of people take Mondays off if they want an extended weekend or a mini vacation. Plus, Labor Day is always on Monday, so holidays lead to extra Mondays off.

As you can see, heading in to work to start the week is a real hazard to your health, even if it’s one you can’t avoid. Be sure you know your rights after an injury.

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