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5 Common Types of Dangerous Drivers

There are passive, safe drivers in the world, but you may feel like they’re far less common than they should be. On your daily commute, you feel like everyone is putting you in danger.

You may not be that far off. Below are five common types of potentially dangerous drivers that you want to watch out for and, if you can, avoid.

  • Road rage drivers. They’re angry, they take unneeded risks, and they try to escalate any minor situation. In the worst cases, they intentionally cause accidents.
  • Drivers who weave constantly through traffic. They often don’t use their blinkers. They’re probably in a hurry, passing on both the left and the right.
  • Tailgating drivers. These drivers are also in a hurry, and they’re trying to tell you to get out of the way or speed up. By driving so close, they’re massively increasing the odds of an accident.
  • Inexperienced drivers. They’re young and they’ll make easily avoidable mistakes just because they haven’t been on the road for long. Ideally, they’ll learn from those mistakes, but they may cause a few accidents along the way.
  • Distracted drivers. They’re typing in a new address on the GPS, talking on a cellphone or tapping out a text message. They’re bored with driving and trying to distract themselves, paying attention to everything but the road.

Any of these drivers can raise the accident risks dramatically, and the roads of New York are full of them. If you’re hit and injured, even though you were driving safely and legally, you may have a right to seek out financial compensation.

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