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The Importance of the Trucking Log in New York

Trucks are the backbone of the United States economy. The more trucks you see on the roads of the country, the stronger the economy. There are quite a few rules and regulations truck drivers must follow when operating their rigs, including filling out the truck log. This is a universal requirement for truck drivers across the country, not just in New York.

Chapter 395 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations require truck drivers to complete log books correctly each time they are on a run with their rig. Even the most minor, honest mistakes in a truck log can lead to an investigation by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Officers from the DOT can visit any trucking company and ask for six months’ worth of trucking logs to review to ensure that drivers are complying with federal hours-of-service regulations.

Trucking logs are very important, especially for attorneys investigating accidents involving trucks and their clients. A truck log can tell an in-depth story of how often the driver operated the truck and for how many hours. It can also be riddled with violations if the attorney looks deep enough. Violations caught by the DOT can result in expensive tickets and even mandated down-time of up to 10 hours for the driver. This means the driver in violation will not be able to drive a truck for a period of 10 hours.

When truck drivers complete their trucking logs correctly, it leads to them getting adequate rest while on their route. The trucking log is much like a guide for drivers to follow. The more they follow the log and make the appropriate entries, the less likely it will be that they make mistakes.

Just because truck drivers might have available drive time doesn’t mean they should continue operating if they are drowsy. This can also be discovered by looking at a trucking log during an investigation.

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