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Dealing With Road Rage Incidents in New York


New York is one of the heaviest populated cities in the country. Of course this means that the roads are clogged with vehicles of all kinds. Not every driver will follow the rules of the road. Nor will they operate their vehicle safely at all times. You are bound to encounter road rage at some point during your time living in New York. Because of this, you should know how to handle such an incident.

All drivers who encounter others with road rage should know how they can defuse the situation. You can start with a friendly wave to the other driver to know everything is fine. You can also mouth that you are sorry if for some reason something you did enraged the other driver. You should also move your vehicle as far away from the road rage driver as you can. If this means you have to pull off the road to a safe place for a couple of minutes, do so. It can only keep you safe.

Always try to be the bigger person when encountering a road rage driver. Don’t stoop to their level and try to taunt them or coerce them into more dangerous behavior. It will only end badly for you and others on the road. Safely attempt to get the make and model of the vehicle so you can provide a description to law enforcement.

By knowing how to handle road rage situations, you can save yourself time spent in court, money spent on medical costs and even keep yourself alive. There are millions of accidents each year and a large portion of them involve road rage of some form or another. Even scarier is the fact that a large percentage of them involve firearms being brandished or used against other drivers.

Road rage is scary, dangerous and can be deadly. Car accidents caused by road rage are not taken lightly in New York. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to help you protect your rights following such an accident.

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