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What Injuries Should You Watch for as a Worker in Construction?


As a worker in the construction injury, you likely understand the risks inherent with any job site. And while it’s true that employers do have responsibilities regarding safety — such as ensuring safety training is conducted, providing the proper safety equipment and maintaining machinery — it’s also true that workers have some responsibilities for maintaining personal safety.

You probably wouldn’t take dangerous and inappropriate action on a construction site, but you might not always be aware of the dangers lurking within a job site. Being aware of some of the most common types of injuries and how to avoid them can help you protect yourself and your coworkers from injury.

One of the most common reasons for injuries reported on construction sites are falls. Falls from higher levels can often be avoided by taking precautions and using safety equipment. Always use harnesses or other equipment when you are in a position to do so, and be aware of your surroundings. Know where railings are and keep items from the walking surface so you or others won’t trip.

People falling is not the only thing that can cause an injury on a construction site. Items falling from higher levels can hit workers in the head or cause injury to other parts of the body. Never leave tools or other items sitting on higher surfaces untended, and always use cables and other resources to brace or tie down equipment and materials being used at higher levels.

Equipment injuries are also common on construction sites. Avoid such injuries by following equipment manuals and only using equipment you are certified to use. While you can reduce many injuries with such common-sense steps, you can’t avoid freak accidents or control what other people do at all times. This is why workers’ compensation is so important. If you are injured on the job and don’t receive compensation benefits that help pay for medical expenses and recovery, you could have a legal case against the employer or the workers’ compensation plan provider.

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