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Staten Island Wreck Kills 1, Injures 10

Earlier this week, Staten Island was the scene of a 10-vehicle pile-up that included at least one fatality and nearly a dozen injured.

Events unfolded on Sunday, June 19, at around 2 p.m. The collision occurred where Travis Avenue intersects with Victory Boulevard. One eyewitness said that an elderly female driver first struck a parked vehicle and then, without stopping, sped through the intersection, causing a chain reaction of wrecks.

There were conflicting reports about the age of the man who was killed. Alternatively, he was listed as 54, 74 and 75 years old. The eyewitness reported that his vehicle was crushed by the elderly woman’s Lexus after it became airborne and landed on his car. The victim reportedly died at the accident scene.

Prior to coming to rest atop the man’s car, the woman also struck several other cars, critically injuring at least two others. She herself suffered critical injuries, and at least seven others sought treatment. The 10 victims were treated at either Ocean Breeze, West Brighton or Staten Island University Hospitals or Richmond University Medical Center.

One witness was quoted as saying, “Her foot was on the gas and she came flying through and it caused a chain reaction.” The man’s son, 13 months, reportedly was taken to one of the above hospitals.

Several people had to be extracted from mangled cars by the local fire department, and all on the scene were tested by the responding officers for alcohol use.

If you are injured in an accident caused by another driver, you have the right to pursue a claim for damages against the company that insured them.

Source: Daily Mail, “Horrific TEN-car pile-up in Staten Island leaves one dead and at least 10 more injured after elderly woman plows through an intersection and 'goes airborne',” Kiri Blakeley, June 19, 2016