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Keep Safe While Celebrating the 4th of July

If you are getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, the Suffolk County Police Commissioner encourages you to be safe.

He reminds residents and visitors that selling, using and possessing fireworks in Suffolk County on Long Island is illegal. More importantly, fireworks cause injuries every year to both children and adults.

Even sparklers are illegal throughout New York City, Nassau and Suffolk, as children are drawn to them and can suffer burns.

Drownings are another safety hazard to be wary of over the holiday weekend. Riptides can form with very little warning and overcome even strong swimmers, carrying them yards away from the shoreline. It’s always best to swim on beaches with lifeguards.

In pools, make sure that children are accompanied by adults with swimming skills and that they don’t engage in horseplay or get in over their heads if they are non-swimmers. Never rely on water wings or floaties to keep your child from drowning in a pool or open water.

If you are staying at a resort where there is a pool or spa, be mindful of drain entrapment, as some resorts are not staffed by lifeguards.

If you or your child is injured on the premises of a hotel or resort due to negligence or acts of omission, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit to recover financial compensation. After a tragic accident or incident occurs, corporations are sometimes eager to make the “problem,” i.e., you, go away as quickly and quietly as possible. They will approach you while you are still recovering from your injuries, or grieving, and produce a check in the hopes that you will take it.

Be your own best advocate and insist on having your attorney review any settlement agreements or offers before signing anything after an accident.

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