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Construction Workers’ Accidents Often Involve Forklifts

Forklifts are handy vehicles to have in a business, especially a retail business that sells goods. Many businesses in New York could not get by without one. When we shop at supermarkets, or even when we order online products, we don’t think about how the merchandise got shipped or placed on a shelf in our favorite store. More than likely, there was a forklift running around in a warehouse or the back of a building somewhere, loading and moving around pallets or merchandise.

This puts businesses in an extremely liable situation if a forklift accident occurs, and it can. These handy little vehicles can be very dangerous if caution is not taken.

First, a business should ensure that their drivers are well trained in how to maneuver the mechanics of a forklift, and how to safely load and unload items. They also need to make sure the forklift being used has the proper accessories for the job it is doing and that it is in tip-top mechanical shape.

Some really common accidents with forklifts are merchandise toppling over and causing injury to people, forklifts rolling over from carrying or trying to pick up too heavy a load and running or backing into things. Construction site accidents, causing injuries to constructions workers, are also common, especially when forklifts are driven on uneven terrain.

When workers are injured from a forklift accident while on the job, it should be covered under worker’s compensation insurance, which every employer must have. Worker’s comp, however, may only go so far. Workers should consult an attorney to ensure they get the help and compensation they deserve.

A business’s workplace design, for instance, may have been a large contributor to the accident. Warehouses or storage areas for merchandise often have insufficient space — such as narrow or cluttered aisles — for forklifts to maneuver in. Merchandise is sometimes poorly stacked or stacked too high. Other things, such as uneven surfaces, foot traffic in the area or broken pallets can also be a contributing factor.

Your attorney will be able to advise you of your rights to compensation if you have been injured in a forklift or other workplace accident. They can identify the contributing causes and make sure you are properly compensated for your injuries, or pain and suffering.