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What Are Rideshare Insurance Periods?

After a rideshare accident, seeking compensation is one of the most critical things you can do. Like most situations, recognizing how insurance companies handle these cases can help you maximize your efforts. For companies like Uber and Lyft, multiple insurance periods come into play. The four ridesharing periods to know about are:

  • Off duty
  • Period 1
  • Period 2
  • Period 3

Here’s what they mean for you after a crash.

Off Duty Period

When the rideshare driver has the app turned off, they are off duty. The driver is only operating for personal reasons. As such, the driver should have a personal injury policy that would cover damages stemming from that person’s negligence.

Period 1

Period 1 is one of the most dangerous because it often creates a coverage gap. The driver has the ridesharing app on, but they don’t have a passenger. In many cases, the ridesharing company’s insurance won’t apply, and some personal insurance policies may try to deny coverage during this period.

Period 2

During period 2, drivers have the app on and are on their way to pick up a passenger. During this period, Uber and Lyft’s insurance policies typically cover accidents that occur. These companies have extensive limits that help protect your losses.

Period 3

Period 3 starts once the passenger is in the vehicle. This period is covered under the insurance company provided by rideshare companies.

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