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3 Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny or Minimize Claims

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Dealing with insurance adjusters can be complicated, especially when they start using tactics to try and devalue or deny your claim. Unfortunately, you can encounter numerous obstacles when filing for compensation, which makes it a wise decision to have strong legal counsel on your side.

If you recognize the tactics insurance companies and their adjusters may try to use against you, it can help you prepare for what’s to come. Below, we’ll provide you with three of the tactics that insurance companies may try to use against you.

1. They Pretend to Be Friendly

Insurance adjusters train so that when they encounter a claimant, they can be as friendly as possible. Unfortunately, this act of kindness is often a ploy to get you to believe everything they say. If they can earn your trust by being friendly, they hope you’ll accept whatever settlement they offer, and they get away with paying you less than what you deserve.

2. They Use Recorded Statements Against You

Insurance adjusters may ask that you provide a recorded statement to detail the accident. This recorded statement is not always done in your favor. They use recorded statements to catch you in a lie or to find discrepancies in your statement. You have the right to legal counsel when providing this statement to protect your claim.

3. They Try to Convince You That You Don’t Need a Lawyer

When you have a lawyer, insurance adjusters know you won’t believe the things they have to say. They also know that their lowest offer may not be good enough to settle your claim. Because of this, they’ll try whatever method possible to convince you that you can handle the claim without legal counsel, even if it threatens your ability to obtain compensation.

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