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Victims Beware Of Attorney Solicitation


"Be wary of the attorney referral that comes from someone you don’t know pretending to have your best interest at heart."

Accident victims are often solicited at accident scenes, hospitals, by telephone and even at their own home. The individuals who solicit accident victims are often working with medical facilities, lawyers and/or some so-called "foundation." They are commonly known as "runners" or "ambulance chasers."

"Runners" or "ambulance chasers" are not looking out for the best interest of the accident victim. They seek out accident victims and refer them to an attorney and/or medical facility that pays them in return for finding them a new client. These "runners" or "ambulance chasers" are generally involved in an illegal referral scheme with lawyers and medical facilities. In return for finding an attorney or medical facility a new client, the "runners" or "ambulance chasers" are generously compensated.

All of these practices are illegal and can lead to the arrest and imprisonment of the doctors and lawyers involved. A criminal conviction can result in the lawyer or doctor losing their license to practice in their respective fields.

At The Paris Law Group, PC, we believe in the honest practice of law. We believe that every accident victim deserves to be represented by honest and hardworking attorneys who attract clients by reputation and personal commitment rather than by fraud and illegal acts.

If you are the victim of the practices described above, please email us or call our office at 888-365-4940 to discuss your options. The consultation is free with absolutely no obligations. You do not have to continue being represented by a "dirty" lawyer or medical facility that is solely motivated by greed. Your attorney may be fired at any time with absolutely no cost to you.