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Father Drops off Kids Right Before Deadly Accident

A father of five in the Bronx dropped his children off at a home belonging to their cousin on a Friday night. That was the last time they saw him alive. He was involved in a car accident early on Saturday morning. His car burst into flames and he was killed.

The man was 47 years old. He leaves behind two sons and three daughters. One of his daughters is 22 years old, and she said she actually found out about the crash from her cousin, who drove by it while heading in to work that morning. Her cousin could tell that the burned-out vehicle had belonged to her father, though he could not recognize the man himself.

At first, the cousin refused to say that her father had been killed, but she said she wasn’t surprised when the call came.

She also noted that her father had been feeling stressed on Friday, and he went out after dropping them off to try to relieve that stress. She did not indicate how he intended to do that.

According to reports, the man was driving down the Major Deegan Expressway, going south, when his Mercedes collided with a Lincoln SUV. The vehicles sideswiped one another at about 3:15 a.m. The Mercedes drove through a patch of grass and slammed into a exit ramp wall, where it caught on fire.

The man was pronounced dead at the crash site. The Lincoln driver, who is 52 years old, did not want medical attention.

When a parent is tragically killed and leaves numerous children behind, the financial burden on the family can be devastating. During such a difficult emotional time, it’s important for family members to know what legal rights they may have to compensation.

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