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Missing Stop Sign Blamed for Accident Injuring Infant

A missing stop sign at the corner of 225th Street and 120th Avenue resulted in a serious accident on Jan. 11. A woman from Queens was traveling with her 1-month-old son in an Uber car when they were T-boned by another vehicle.

The infant was seriously injured and is now suffering from traumatic brain injuries, a seizure disorder and a neck injury. The mother is unable to return to work because she must care for her son, who is still being treated by a neurosurgeon and a pediatric neurologist.

The mother intends to sue the city for the missing stop sign. According to court documents, the city failed to replace the stop sign “despite actual and constructive notice.” Neighbors allege that they complained about the stop sign to their community board and called 311 about it. Allegedly, the sign had been missing for months.

The city replaced the missing sign just hours after the accident occurred. The mother claims that she does not think the accident would have occurred if the stop sign was there. She plans on suing the city for $30 million for injuries inflicted on her son, $10 million for her damages and $5 million to cover future care for her son — totaling $45 million.

When auto accidents take place and injuries occur, it is bad enough, but when an accident could have been prevented or is due to someone’s recklessness or poor behavior, it makes it even worse. It opens the door for anger and frustration. The need for accountability is legitimate.

If you find yourself in such a situation, contact an attorney immediately. Serious injuries or fatalities are not minor annoyances. The have life-changing effects on the victims and their families, who deserve to be compensated for their damages and losses.

Source: New York Post, “Mom sues for $45M over missing stop sign that caused son’s crash,” Danielle Furfaro, Caroll Alvarado, Danika Fears, Feb. 01, 2018