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Have You Been Injured on Someone Else’s Property?


It happens every day. Someone is attacked by a neighborhood dog on the loose. Someone slips and falls in a grocery store. Maybe a person is attacked in a dark parking lot.

These type of incidents and many others like them can result in serious injuries. For instance, a simple slip-and-fall accident can produce a life-long back, neck or limb injury or even cause severe brain damage.

If you’re injured while on someone else’s property, the owner of the property may be liable for your losses related to the injury. Property owners have a responsibility to make sure their property is safe for guests or consumers, especially if the property is a business.

Safety hazards that are known should be clearly designated by a warning sign or barrier. Hazards can be uneven sidewalks, broken steps, water on the floor, loose railings and other impediments or issues.

Even improper lighting in a parking lot that is used by consumers or workers at night can be considered a safety hazard, especially in a high crime area. Some construction areas are required to have barriers between the public and where construction is taking place.

If you have been injured in an accident that occurred on someone else’s property, seek an attorney immediately to see if the property owner can be held liable. You have a right to be compensated for your personal damages if your injury was caused by a property owner’s negligence.

Contacting an attorney right away is important so he or she can make sure any possible evidence can be properly collected. You could be compensated for your medical treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering.