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Man Causes Car Accident, Attacks Firefighters and Gets Arrested

A man in New York found himself behind bars after a remarkable string of events that started when he allegedly caused a car accident.

According to reports, the man was driving a box truck when he ran into numerous vehicles. This was right around 12:30 p.m., on a Sunday. Nine people were hurt in the crash.

The man wasn’t done. After the box truck came to a stop, he got out of it and ran to a nearby firetruck. He climbed inside the vehicle and attacked the firefighter who already in the cab. That firefighter was also hurt.

Finally, police arrived at the scene. The truck driver was arrested. He is now facing a string of charges, including refusing a breath test, felony reckless endangerment, impaired driving and assaulting a firefighter. Police say that he had both marijuana and cocaine on him at the time. Exactly which drug he was impaired by — if not any or maybe both — has not yet been reported.

The authorities did take him over to Bellevue Hospital so that he could be evaluated by professionals. The others who were hurt wound up at both Roosevelt Hospital and Bellevue Hospital, and reports do claim their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

Worth noting is that the man has a criminal record. He was convicted of illegally selling and possessing a firearm, and he was on parole when the accident happened.

With so many people injured in the crash, the medical costs stemming from the man’s actions are bound to be high. It’s always important for injured parties to know what rights they may have to compensation for these costs.

Source: ABC, “Truck driver jumps in fire truck, assaults firefighter after multi-car crash in New York City,” Oct. 23, 2017