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How Do I Avoid Truck Accidents in New York?

Truck accidents can be some of the most serious types of accidents on the roads of New York. Trucks are markedly larger than cars and SUVs, require more time and space to come to a stop and can tip over when taking a curve at high rates of speed. So, how do I avoid truck accidents when in a car or SUV?

One of the most important safety tips is to never pull in front of a truck and then apply the brakes. Trucks, because of their weight, require a lot more ground to stop than cars. When you do this, you risk the truck plowing right into your vehicle.

Never pass a truck on its right side. This is very dangerous because the blind spot on the right side of a truck is quite large. If driving on a three-lane highway and you are in the right lane and there is a truck to your left, make sure you maneuver your vehicle so that it is out of the truck’s blindspot at all times.

Do not tailgate a truck. If you become distracted or the truck stops suddenly, your smaller car could become trapped under the truck. When this happens, the driver of the car could be killed by the metal underneath the truck.

If a truck is trying to pass you, do not attempt to speed up. Instead, make it as easy as possible for the truck to pass you. Slow down and flash your high beams at the truck when it is safe for them to move in front of you in your lane.

Always yield the right of way to a larger vehicle, especially a semitruck. No one likes a bully on the roads, but also remember that your car will always lose when it is put up against a truck.

An experienced truck accidents attorney in New York can answer all of your questions regarding a semitruck accident.

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