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Escalator Issues Can Cause Premises Liability

When people think of premises liability, they often don’t think about escalators. Elevators are often featured in movies and television shows as failing, dropping or freezing with passengers inside. As a result, few people find the idea that elevators can cause serious liability issues for a company surprising.

Escalators, however, seem so mundane by comparison that few people understand the potential risks and dangers posed by escalators. Injuries are common, and in cases of serious problems or structural failure, people have died on escalators.

If you or someone you know has sustained injuries while riding an escalator, you should contact an experienced personal injury and premises liability attorney. He or she can review the circumstances around the incident and help you determine if the business is liable. While it can be difficult to determine on your own, partnering with an attorney can help you figure out what your options are following an injury due to an escalator accident.

Escalator accidents are relatively common

As recently as December of 2016, there was a serious escalator accident in Brooklyn. People at the Atlantic Terminal Mall were walking down an escalator that wasn’t running. It suddenly began working again, causing injuries to seven people. Two of them were seriously injured. While their injuries were not life threatening, they were severe enough to warrant emergency medical intervention. It may be possible that the mall or the store where the escalator was running could be found liable for the expenses incurred from those injuries due to premises liability.

This is only the most recent reported escalator accident in New York. With so many tall buildings, there are enough escalators in the city to pose an ongoing risk for injury to people and serious premises liability to companies that use them in their facilities.

Escalators can cause serious injuries

There have been reports of serious, even fatal accidents as a result of an escalator malfunction or accident. From people falling down an escalator while riding it to those who shoelaces get stuck in the track, there are many risks for serious injuries on an escalator. Broken bones, head injuries or even serious spinal damage are possible. In cases where machinery malfunctions or panels come loose, there is the potential for fatal injuries as well. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed while riding on an escalator, you owe it to your family to see what your options are.

An attorney can review your circumstances and determine what your best options are. He or she may be able to advocate for you to insurance companies or building owners. This professional can review settlements to determine if they are appropriate given the circumstances. Your attorney can also file a civil lawsuit if necessary.