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Did a Cellphone Distract the Other Driver in Your Accident?

Even in the best of circumstances, getting behind the wheel of a car poses risk of personal injury. When you combine that with an exacerbating factor, such as distraction due to texting or social media on a phone, the risk of a serious accident increases. Were you recently in an accident? Do you have reason to believe, either because of what you saw or heard, that the other driver was distracted by his or her cellphone when the accident occurred? If so, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about the details of your accident as soon as possible.

Distracted drivers may pose as much risk to other drivers as those who are chemically impaired by alcohol and illegal drugs. Because of that, there are laws in place to deter drivers from engaging in distracting activities. If another driver caused an accident involving you or a loved one and you believe he or she drove distracted, the driver is potentially liable for the damages and injuries caused.

Distracted driving is against the law

In New York, the law is very clear. It is a violation of state law to use any electronic device while operating a motor vehicle. That means that it’s illegal to check your email, send or read a text message, play a digital game, take pictures or use social media if you’re driving. However, that doesn’t stop people from doing it. Just because they weren’t caught by law enforcement for doing it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. An attorney can help you obtain the evidence you may need to prove that the other driver’s distraction contributed to the circumstances when the accident took place.

An attorney can help you in cases of distracted driving accidents

Attorneys understand the necessary processes to legally obtaining documentation, from traffic camera footage to cellphone records. They also understand how violating a traffic law can impact a driver’s legal liability. If you or a loved one was injured by a distracted driver, partnering with an experienced personal injury attorney may be your best option.

Attorneys aren’t only for lawsuits, although your case may warrant one. They can also aid your interactions with law enforcement following an accident by demanding a rigorous and thorough investigation into the potential distraction of the other driver. They can advocate on your behalf to insurance companies and medical providers. They can help your family protect itself during the days and weeks following a traumatic car accident. Don’t simply hope that the accident is sufficiently investigated. Retain the services of an experienced attorney to ensure the best possible outcome.