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Why Do People Speed?

The risks of speeding are clear. Your reaction time drops if something unexpected happens. You disrupt the flow of traffic. If you’re in an accident, injuries are more likely to be serious or lead to death.

So, why do people keep doing it? Even though they know it’s illegal and they face possible traffic tickets every time they do it, they just keep speeding. Below are a few of the top reasons insurance experts have found:

  1. They actually enjoy it. They simply think it’s fun to drive fast and they risk their own lives and others for that thrill.
  2. They’re curious. Young drivers may be tempted to speed just to go faster than they’ve ever gone before.
  3. They’re impatient. They don’t want to be driving. They just want to be at their destination. Speeding shortens the trip.
  4. They’re late. Many people who run red lights are trying to push it and get through on the yellow because they don’t have time to sit at the light.
  5. They’re daydreaming. They don’t even realize that they’re speeding.
  6. They think they can do whatever they want. They don’t care about others or their safety.
  7. They’re angry. Road rage sometimes turns into speeding as one driver chases the other.
  8. They’re showing off. Again, young drivers may feel like speeding makes them look “cool” to their friends.
  9. They are under the influence. They may be on drugs or they’ve been drinking alcohol.

Speeding is a risk, but it’s nearly unavoidable. Laws and traffic tickets haven’t put an end to it. If you’re hit by a reckless driver, you may want to look into your rights to financial compensation.

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