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Odd Reasons People Have Given for Accidents and Dangerous Driving

Looking at the reasons that people sometimes give police and insurance companies after they’re involved in accidents or pulled over can go a long way toward understanding the real danger of sharing the roads with thousands of other drivers on a daily basis. As you’ll see, many accidents are entirely preventable.

One driver reported that he was involved in a crash, for example, because he was waving out of his window at another man. He recognized that man because it was someone he’d hit the week before.

Another driver, pulled over for driving too quickly, said she’d been going so fast because the window was covered in snow. She couldn’t see where she was going, so she sped up and hoped the wind would push the snow off of the windshield.

Another speeding driver was pulled over and explained that he could not see the speedometer. He wasn’t wearing his glasses, so he didn’t know how fast he was going.

When asked who was to blame for an accident, one driver said that she didn’t know if it was her or the other driver. She claimed she couldn’t know because she hadn’t been looking.

A man who crashed his car into a tree explained that he’d accidentally pulled into the wrong house. Since it wasn’t actually his house, he wasn’t expecting the tree to be there, since he didn’t have a tree in that spot on his own property.

Some of these reasons are fairly humorous, but car accidents are nothing to joke about, even if they happen for absurd reasons. The injuries you suffer can be very real, and you need to know how to seek compensation in New York for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

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