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Proudly Serving Injured Clients Throughout New York

We Will Pursue Justice for Grieving Families

When you lose a family member to a senseless death attributable to another person’s negligence or other wrongdoing, it is definitely a bitter pill to swallow. Families have more trouble reconciling these types of deaths than they do with deaths from natural causes because they are completely preventable.

The anger and grief loved ones experience as they go through the mourning process are completely normal, but many survivors feel bereft and want to take some form of action against the person(s) or entities responsible for the death of their loved ones.

We at Paris & Chaikin PLLC understand this quite well and stand ready to assist families in their quests for justice for lives interrupted because of heedless actions or unsafe conditions. We have a strong history of recovering damages for survivors of those killed on the job, in motor vehicle accidents and other types of misadventure that could so easily have been avoided had negligence not been a factor.

We also know that there is no amount of money that can ever replace the cherished family member. There will always be a little less laughter in the room at family gatherings, one fewer plate on the table at holiday dinners. That we acknowledge can never be remedied.

However, many families derive some semblance of comfort from seeing that those responsible for the loss of their loved one are held responsible for the death. Sometimes a civil suit can be a corollary to a criminal proceeding arising from the tragedy, but even when there are no criminal charges pressed in the matter, we stand ready to hold those at fault accountable.