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Man Dies in New Jersey Elevator Mishap

Earlier this month, across the Hudson River in New Jersey, a 44-year-old elevator repairman died in a tragic work accident. As he was doing the monthly service maintenance on the elevators in the Galaxy Towers condos in Guttenberg, he got entangled in the elevator door and yanked upward to his death inside of the elevator shaft.

Initial reports falsely indicated that he met his demise by falling seven stories inside the New Jersey high rise. However, further investigation revealed that entanglement was what caused the fatality.

The maintenance worker, 44, was a resident of New Windsor, New York. His employer was Slade Elevator. Company officials released a statement regarding their employee’s death. It stated, in part, that the company extended their “sympathy to the family and friends of our employee . . . [and t[he cause of the accident is not yet known.”

They stated that experts with the company were working together with local investigators to learn what caused the accident.

The accident happened at approximately 7.30 a.m., and the worker was pronounced dead about a half hour later at the scene.

While no official determination about the cause of death has been made, according to prosecutors, the man appears to have died accidentally.

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Source: Daily Mail, “Elevator repairman killed in high-rise New Jersey apartment block was dragged UPWARDS and did not plummet to his death, officials say,” Feb. 03, 2016