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Car Wreck Injuries Vary in Severity but Still Cost Plenty

While all car accident circumstances are different and influence the outcome, there are certain predictive patterns in the types of injuries that result from these crashes.

In 2012, in the United States, more than 5.6 million car wrecks were reported. Of that total, there were more than 30,000 fatalities, with 1.6 million injuries. Economically, the price tag of car wrecks approximates $277 billion annually, which breaks down to about $897 for each individual living here in America.

Injuries to the head can be some of the most serious. Traumatic brain injuries result from heads hitting dashboards, steering wheels and windows. If the victims survive, sometimes they require extensive medical treatment and supportive services for the rest of their lives.

When riders injure their backs in wrecks, the damage can be minor, such as with soft tissue injuries that usually resolve completely over time. But they can also be catastrophic, such as when the spinal column is damaged or severed. Paralysis can be one result, but herniated discs can cause incredible pain and diminish the sufferer’s quality of life immensely.

Whiplash is a common injury that results from abrupt movement of the neck and head, especially in cases where a vehicle is struck from behind.

When an accident results in chest trauma, it can be quite serious or even fatal. Blunt force trauma results from impacting the steering wheel with the chest, breaking ribs, collapsing lungs and causing cardiac arrest in some cases.

Even when a person appears to be okay after an accident occurs, they can still be bleeding internally. An uncontrolled internal bleed following a car accident can wind up being fatal if it is not treated promptly.

If you suffer injuries in a car accident caused by another at-fault driver, you should seek medical attention immediately. Later, you may decide to follow-up through a consultation with a personal injury attorney in New York to discuss your legal options.

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