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Woman, 75, Dies in Horrific Accident With New York City Bus

There is little than can be more callous than striking a senior citizen crossing a street using a walker with a city bus and dragging her dismembered body along after the impact.

Yet that is exactly how a Brooklyn prosecutor described the pedestrian’s last moments after an MTA bus driver allegedly struck the woman as she made her way across the street on a morning in early November. According to reports, the driver paused momentarily after striking the senior citizen before hitting the gas and leaving the scene in his B15 bus.

The gruesome accident happened on Fulton Street near Sackman in Ocean Hill at 6:15 a.m., police reported.

The assistant district attorney told the court that the 75-year-old pedestrian “was knocked under the bus and then [the driver of the bus] drove over the pedestrian’s body.” He added that the driver’s failure to yield after the impact “dismembered” the elderly woman.

Surveillance video depicts the woman proceeding with her walker across the intersection just when the bus turned the corner and the fatal accident occurred. His lawyer alleges that the bus model he drove had been the focus of past litigation due to an alleged blind spot located on the left.

The judge revoked the man’s driver’s license before setting bail at $25,000.

The 51-year-old daughter of the victim was not swayed by the excuse about the blind spot. “He killed my mother,” she said.

Circumstances such as the one that claimed the woman’s life can become the basis of a successful wrongful death claim for the grieving survivors of the deceased.

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