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Drunk Driver Could Be Liable After Car Accident

A Massachusetts driver allegedly tried to escape arrest after being involved in a drunk driving accident. The accused 25-year-old man hails from Pembroke, Massachusetts. In addition to fleeing an accident scene, the man was also charged with drunk driving, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction and refusal to submit to chemical testing. As a result, the other driver who was involved in the crash could have a viable claim for personal injury and property damages.

Authorities were called to the scene at the toll plaza on Route 138 at approximately 12:15 a.m. Police arrived to find a two-car accident between the allegedly drunk driver and another motorist. Police claim that the accused man tried to leave the accident scene, but a third individual detained him.

Officers then confronted the man about his alleged intoxication, and say that he responded physically and tried to avoid arrest. Police say that the man obstructed officers in other ways as they tried to arrest him on DUI charges. Eventually, officers completed the arrest and transported the man to the local police station where he was processed and arraigned. He was later released on bail after scheduling his next court appearance.

It is not uncommon for a drunk driving accident arrest to escalate into an extremely difficult situation with police in Massachusetts. In such cases, individuals may be charged with more crimes, like resisting arrest, obstruction and other crimes — which may result in jail time if a conviction occurs. For obvious reasons, this makes the individual’s criminal defense more difficult. It also makes the personal injury and property damage claims of the victims easier to pursue.

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