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Construction Accidents and Premises Liability

Construction sites are complex places with many different elements working together all at once. There are workers, machines, tools, materials, and more spread out over a large area - sometimes spanning several city blocks. With so much going on, it's no wonder that accidents happen. But when they do, who is responsible? In some cases, a worker may be eligible to file a premises liability claim for their on-site injury. Here's how.

Premises Liability on Construction Sites

Construction sites are dangerous places. There are many potential hazards, which is why most states have laws that require landowners to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of workers. When a landowner fails in this duty and someone is injured as a result, the injured party may be able to file a premises liability claim against the landowner.

To win such a claim, the injured party would need to show that:

  • The landowner owed them a duty of care,
  • The landowner breached that duty; and
  • The breach of duty led to their injuries.

Proving these elements can be difficult, especially on construction sites where there are many different contractors and subcontractors involved.

Who Else is Responsible for Premises Liability?

In some cases, the worksite manager may be responsible for premises liability. This is because the worksite manager is typically responsible for overseeing all aspects of the construction project.

However, proving that the worksite manager is liable can be difficult. The injured party would need to show that the manager knew or should have known about the hazard and did not take the necessary steps to fix it. Additionally, other workers may be found liable if improper use and storage of tools and other equipment made the worksite unsafe.

How The Paris Law Group, PC Can Help

Construction accidents can result in significant injuries, and workers should know that they may be eligible to seek compensation for those caused by another’s negligence. The Paris Law Group, PC can help ensure that workers receive the compensation they are entitled to following a worksite accident.

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