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4 Factors to Help Determine the Value of Your Claim

One of the questions we most often receive is, “how much is my case worth?” Unfortunately, it’s not an answer we can provide immediately. We have to take a clear look at your situation as every injury case is unique and your losses are much different than others who may have experienced similar crashes.

While we can’t give you an exact number immediately, we can provide you with insights into what goes into determining the value of your claim. Here are four things that can impact how much you may recover:

1. Your Medical Expenses

You may recover economic damages, which accounts for your medical expenses. You can include losses you experience from your treatment, prescription medication, ongoing care, and more. If you have a surgical procedure or require inpatient care, these costs can factor into your recovery.

2. Your Property Damage

You may recover for the cost of repairing your vehicle. Your policy limits can dictate how much you recover. You should know, though, that insurance adjusters may value your property damage differently than a mechanic of your choice would.

3. Your Lost Wages

If your injury is so severe you must miss work, you may receive compensation for your lost income. The compensation for your lost income may cover wages from the past you have not received and potential earning capacity for the length of time you’re unable to work moving forward.

Your salary and other factors can change how much you recover.

4. Your Emotional Trauma

If you suffer from emotional distress after an accident, you may be able to pursue non-economic compensation for your pain and suffering. Proving emotional trauma means receiving a professional diagnosis and having a lawyer on your side who can help you show your crash has had an impact on your mental state and quality of life.

Our New York car accident lawyers at The Paris Law Group, PC work hard for you. We know how challenging the aftermath of a crash can be, and we make it our top priority to help you move forward in a way that safeguards your rights to compensation.

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