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What Workers Must Know About Construction Site Accidents

Accidents happen frequently on construction sites, and it pays to know how and why they occur. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you work in the construction industry.

1. You should always be prepared for rain. Rain may not sound like a big deal, but it has been linked to many accidents due to slick, wet surfaces. Workers always need to have proper safety equipment, especially when working on high, metal surfaces.

2. Falls are the biggest issue. It’s been noted that 30 percent of the fatal accidents in this industry are falls. Many times, these happen because workers are not wearing harnesses even when working in dangerous positions.

3. Not only workers can fall. Tools and materials can fall also. Workers on the ground are in danger of being struck by these falling objects, which can cause serious injuries or death. Safety equipment—like hardhats and shelters—can help.

4. Overexertion plays a role. Workers may try to do too much or work too hard to meet a deadline. Overexertion itself can lead to fatigue, dehydration and other such things. Plus, when workers are overly tired, they are more prone to making mistakes that could result in injuries.

5. An organized site can help. Don’t just leave tools and materials lying on the ground. It takes more time to clean up constantly, but it’s important to keep people from tripping and falling—and to keep those objects from falling on workers below.

Those who are injured on the job in New York need to know what rights they have to compensation.

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